The beginning of 1986 saw the death of our very own Phil Lynott in England. Tommy Vance immediately broadcast his tribute to Phil Lynott and Thin Lizzy - the end of the "Thunder and Lightning" tour, Based on their best and most heaviest album to date. The end of an era for Thin Lizzy and so this show was then broadcast early 1986. The BBC WS Rock Salad show in its tribute to Thin Lizzy was broadcast approximately January/Early February. Unfortunately we cannot hear what Tommy had to say about this now but the whole show included the BBC Radio One Live In Concert show, The recording in which came from The Reading Rock Festival from England 1983.

I recognised these very recordings which came from the show 'Rock Salad" because of the tremendous feedback at the end of this track....... A very rare recording here of the live performance and it brought an end to another great show from Rock Salad.

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